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Here’s the reality:

Getting your child from tweens to teenager then through college to wage-earner is no small feat.  The process of adjusting your Gen-Z child’s bandwidth for high school, college, graduate or professional-level learning in the information age can be overwhelming.  The way I look at it, for every student out there, there is a frequency on which everything clicks – the one where they think, learn and live their best.  If you’re a parent like me, you know this: when they’re on, they’re on… and when they’re off – whoa! Full Spectra is about tuning into that best frequency in secondary school and through all phases of their higher education process. Subscribing to Guidance on the Go helps you step-by-step broaden your student’s bandwidth for higher education.

Tuning in:

photo of hand tuning a car radioImagine a radio dial: some of us prefer FM (Sirius or not), others talk-radio and even more like Pandora or Spotify.  However, tuning into them all at once is just noise.  Parents and students alike are wading through a ton of messages about what works or doesn’t work for their formal education years.  Being bombarded with well-intentioned particulars from relatives, teachers, counselors, testing organizations, websites, and fairs can be equally deafening.  At Full Spectra being mindful of and intentional about incorporating individual uniqueness is how I guide clients and their student’s process at whatever phase it’s in.  Subscribe for free to Guidance on the Go and you can easily eliminate the headache of getting guidance fast by reviewing the blog regularly and submitting questions for fast answers.

Getting in:

How can a free subscription to Guidance on the Go do this?  First and foremost, I am a secondary education math teacher: I get learning how to learn.  My portfolio of success stories embraces traditional and non-traditional learners including those with learning differences (ELL, 504, IEP, RTI, WIN, and undiagnosed).  Secondly, Guidance on the Go will give you access to my 20+ years as an Academic Advisor, College Admission Administrator, Career Counselor and Domestic and International College Recruiter.  Subscribers benefit from my ongoing school counselor and accrediting organization relationships: my Rolodex® of contacts means Guidance on the Go is trending with what’s trending.  Lastly, as a certified PMP Project Manager, the gold standard for project management, and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, I integrate industry best practices into the guidance I give subscribers.
Your student’s success is all about a well planned and executed process. Just like getting braces, why leave those logistics to chance?Click To Tweet Your student’s success is all about a well planned and executed process.  Just like getting braces, why leave those logistics to chance?  The reasons employers invest in certified project managers to deliver project success are the same reasons why families do too.  Subscribe to Guidance on the Go and get process-oriented expertise from a certified Project Manager to achieve your student’s best-fit education experience.

Why you should subscribe:

Photo of Victoria speaking standing next to a chartI am deeply complimented to be your Guidance on the Go counselor.  Academic calendars are predictable and posted well ahead of time from grade school to medical school.  Parents know this and the typical milestones from September to June.  August is a mad rush for deals on school supplies; good luck finding a sale at Thanksgiving.  Where’d all that BOGO go?  Well, most parents don’t know that the very opposite activity is true for Admissions Offices.  Private secondary school and college recruiters are preparing their September/October travel season in August.  Most Early Action or Decision applications are due to them in November.  So, it’s all hands on deck for staff right before the Winter holiday just as things are run-of-the-mill routine for students and their courses.  How do you navigate it all?  Your free subscription gets you timely relevant answers whether you need guidance on college preparatory, admission, retention or post-graduation placement questions.

What you’ll get:

In each Guidance on the Go issue expect to get:

Getting It: offers insights on the math track and what to do on or off it.
Getting In: unpacks “soup-to-nuts” the college enrollment process (selection, admission, and funding).  You’ll see it through several key lenses and get guidance that’s laser-focused to your learner’s unique situation.
Getting Through: is all about navigating the early undergraduate semesters with an eye on R-O-I (return on investment).  It provides clarity on how to stay the course, course correct or change course altogether.
Getting On: helps undergraduates seize campus opportunities for graduate education or to negotiate the best possible first career move.

Watch for Moving Up & Getting In, a segment devoted to subscribers with students in 6th – 8th grade or international students who are looking at private high school education.

Bottom line, Guidance on the Go is about getting answers on-the-go.