About Victoria Celestin, MALS, LSSGB, PMP

Victoria Celestin holds a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of Delaware and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from The Johns Hopkins University. A nationally recognized higher education relationship manager and cultural competency expert, she has over two decades of mission-driven policy guidance in the areas of secondary/post-secondary, college student and adult learner academic advising, college access, career readiness, and career pathway support. Victoria is a leader in record-breaking college student enrollment, retention and post-graduation placement.

An Air Force veteran of the Desert Storm Era, she is a seasoned strategist and implementer of policies that build pipeline programs and processes tailored to learners from different generations, cultures, military service members and to women in male-dominated fields. Victoria is fluent in guiding principles and practices for successful inclusion of an array of populations and stakeholders for public and private secondary schools and colleges. As a licensed teacher, she teaches mathematics and was adjunct psychology faculty at Utah State University where her 27 years of educational guidance to domestic and international college-preparatory (public, private and boarding), bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, medical and professional education students.

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Victoria Celestin

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Project Management Professional

About Full Spectra

Since 1993, Full Spectra’s Principal, Victoria Celestin and her affiliates go beyond answering the “where should I go to school” questions.  In-person, online, on-call, she demystifies the process, details steps for immediate action and guides clients to their unique “best-fit” school. Known as the mecca of education in the United States, Victoria’s niche is the New England region as a college admissions administrator.  She was founding director of University of Delaware’s NUCLEUS (Network of Undergraduate Collaborative Learning Experiences for Under-represented Scholars) Program advising scores of students to graduate programs and careers in medicine, applied health fields, pharmaceuticals and all things touched by the fields of biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.  A program initially funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, NUCLEUS is the model diversity and inclusion program to increase ethnic and gender diversity in STEM fields at the graduate level.  Victoria also developed and in most cases ran programs for student or staff achievement at Utah State University, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream – Corporate, St. Michael’s College, Simmons College and Unum Corporation.  Regarding her effectiveness with matching students to their “best-suited” program of study and institution.

“I have read over 5,000 college essays and am fluent in all varieties of written composition. I am also fluent in French. Students and their families really appreciate having access to my 20+ years as an Academic Advisor, Career Counselor and Domestic and International Recruiter to Northeast Colleges; they benefit from my ongoing school counselor and accrediting organization relationships…and my “Rolodex” of contacts.”

Victoria Celestin

     Generous with her wisdom surrounding college admission counseling, academic advising, recruiting, travel territory, enrollment management… and above all cultural competency. Victoria specializes in diverse student populations in the US and internationally.  This includes, but is not limited to clients from African-American, Latino, Asian-American (the entire diaspora), Native-American, Western European, Eastern European, West African, Caribbean, Latin American, Asian, Southeast Asian and New Zealand ethnicities.  Her portfolio of success stories embraces the non-traditional populations from military/veteran services, adults, and students with learning differences (ELL, 504, IEP, RTI, WIN, and undiagnosed). With Victoria, you access the full spectrum of education consulting services required to effectively navigate the college-preparatory and college search process from the school inquiry phase to the resulting member of a well-networked alumni membership.

Full Spectra Values

You have a frequency on which everything clicks–the one where you think, learn, live your best.  Full Spectra is about tuning into that best frequency in your high school or college search process. Imagine a radio dial: some of us prefer FM (Sirius or not), others talk-radio and even more Sirius, Pandora or Spotify. Tuning into them all at once is just noise.  The messages and advertising from relatives, teachers, counselors, testing organizations, websites, and fairs can be equally deafening.  Full Spectra values individual uniqueness and brings Signature Success(™) to the college search process.  It eliminates the headache by filtering and streamlining the flow of information, so students and their families easily dial into the right frequency of schools, majors and post-graduate opportunities.  Full Spectra is about tuning your bandwidth for higher education.  Together, we unpack and illuminate your unique journey from applicant to alumni and to that all-important first career choice.

Check out more information in Full Spectra’s Guidance on the Go! blog.

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